● PAPER IBC is an environmentally friendly carton that can be loaded with liquid.

● The box is made of high-strength cardboard using a special process,simple structure but strong and durable;

The inner bag adopts high toughness multi-layer PE structure and made in a sterile environment, comply with FDA and EU food grade standards.

● The sturdy box and high-standard inner bag, combines into a flexible liquid package; Volume is up to 1000L, can replace 200L drum; Compared with 200L drums, PAPER IBC can increase the loading volume of 20-foot standard containers by 18% and save 15%-30% of shipping costs.

● PAPER IBC has a simple structure and can be folded, easy to transport, a 40ft container can hold 230 sets;

● PAPER IBC is environmentally friendly and recyclable, it can be used multiple times, increasing the loading rate and reducing packaging costs;


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