The transporting of grape wine requests the follows:

1. Food grade;

2. Contact the air as less as possible to reduce oxidation;

3. The transport time shall not be too long;

4. Keep itself safe during the transportation.

According to the above mentioned requests, we use the multilayer metallocene modified polyethylene for food grade packaging as material and use the sealing technology of oxygen barrier membrane so that it can fully match the demand of the grape wine on food grade and oxygen resistance

It use the semi trailer for uninterrupted transportation day and night, it takes at most 5 days to transport ca. 3600 km from Xinjiang production area to the seashore of Shandong, so that the quality of the grape wine is maximum ensured.

The biggest test of the flexitank is its safety, especially affected by the conditions of trailer railings and floor. Due to the structure of the trailer, the trailer flexitank can’t be hold by the side wall like container flexitank, so that the trailer flexitank has to protect itself by it’s own structure. We made huge tests and data calculations and use the tight belts outside the trailer flexitank, which can effectively tight and hold the flexitank, reduce the damage by the impact and ensure the safety of the transportation. The safety of our trailer flexitank can be trusted by the fact that no leakage happens in the more than 1 million mega tons cargo transportation.


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