Disadvantages of flexitank

11 Sep 2020

No solution is perfect in logistic world. Risk and cost are always opposite, and enterprises are always exploring the balance. Compared with isotank, the main risks of flexitank are:

Leakage: as a soft packaging, leakage, as a big potential problem, is always in the discussion. There’re a lot of reasons for the leakage, such as: designs faulty of flexitank, production faulty of flexitank, improper used of flexitank. What we can do now is to improve the design, control the quality and instruct our clients to install it properly. With the support of quick emergency response network and insurance, the risk can be controlled in a proper way.

As a soft packaging, no flexitank can provide 0 incident. With strict operation, production supervision, we are able to prevent it from happening as much as we can.