The advantages of the container flexitank  

15 Sep 2020

1. Flexitank is a new soft packaging that can store and transport various non hazardous liquid cargo. Every packaging can install into a 20 feet container and the inner volume is 14-26 CBM, mostly, flexitank can store or transport 26,000 liters liquid. At the sectors of non hazardous liquid, it can replace the traditional and expensive tank or drum.

2. The volume can be 26,000 liters, which is about 35% higher than that in drums. Unlike the oil tank, the flexitank solution only needs you to pay for the single trip, no return fees or clean fees, and it can effectively avoid the cross contamination. Countless additional costs are saved for the food stuff and it’s suitable for sea, railway and road transport.

3. Easy to install, no complicated process or equipment is needed.

4. One time use and price friendly.