Application of reefer flexitank in wine and juice transportation

25 Feb 2021

The transportation of wine and juice has high requirements for sanitation, temperature and oxygen isolation. Whether these three conditions can be met in the process of storage and transportation will directly affect the quality of wine and juice.


The combination of reefer container and EVOH flexitank can perfectly meet the requirements of wine and juice on hygiene, temperature and oxygen isolation:


1. We use pure food grade PE cylinder film which fully meets the health requirements of FDA and EU as the inner layer to contact wine and juice.


2. EVOH high oxygen isolation film is used in the outer layer of PE film to prevent oxygen transmission and reduce oxidation.


3. Take the advantage of the reefer flexitank that it can keep a constant low temperature to ensure the long-term transportation.


4. According to the structural characteristics of the reefer container, the bulkhead is cancelled in the design to make the installation and loading / discharging to be easy and flexible.


5. The size of the reefer flexitank can be customized according to the customer’s requirement.