Wine Flexitank

26 Jul 2021

We are a professional and original flexitank manufacture, has rich experience in wine flexitank production during six years of practical use; After continuous technological improvement, our wine flexitank enjoy a great reputation in this line.

*One-way valve

In use, we found that the original valve not only exhausts outward, but also sucks in a bit air, which will affect the quality of the wine; After improvement, our One-way valve only exhausts till reaching a set pressure, it ensures wine will not react with air.

*Double-layer PE film

For line-haul, we use a double-layer 250μm PE film structure, which is very strong and flexible, can effectively reduce the impact of long-distance transportation and bad road conditions on the flexitank, to ensure the safety of wine.

*EVOH film

For transportation of high-quality wine, we have added an anti-oxidant outer layer to the original PE film, named EVOH film,  prevent external oxygen reacting with wine through PE film, which can effectively guarantee the original taste of wine.

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